Aug. 21st, 2010

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 Today, Tim and I were playing a usual Mini-Morris Co. gig at the Farmers' Market in Lincoln.  Liam and Frank were away, so Tim and I did it between us, and a lot of fun it was too!  We experimented more with mixing harp and melodeon, as well as harp, recorder, bouzouki and a few other unusual combinations.  'Twas good!

When we finished there we high-tailed it back into the car and dashed off to a wedding, where we were playing for the wedding reception as background music.  This is just the sort of gig I really enjoy - no performance nerves, but people really *are* listening and enjoying - and very willing to tell you they have enjoyed it at the end.

When we finished there, we dashed home so that Tim could get changed before setting out for his third gig of the day.  Woohoo!  I'm now at home, but he is Soul-Solutioning back in Lincoln until midnight.  

If this was a day pushing paper around a desk, I'd feel tired and fed up.  But as we've spent it playing music (and getting paid for it, too!), it's been an excellent day - and one that sets us back onto the right road after a few financial hiccups over the last month.

Made the kids a slow-cooker dinner of rabbit stew (Tim and our friend, Mitch, shot the rabbit a little while back) and am feeling jolly self-sufficient as well!  Whilst we were out, Jared took Ellie out on her bike and apparently she can now ride confidently on two wheels!

Really - an excellent, excellent day. Looking forwards to some quality knitting time tomorrow...

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