Feb. 14th, 2017 10:14 pm
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Loving my new choir - Steampunk Choir! Lots of lovely people (very filkish, although they don't realise it yet...). But there's one...

I was approached by one of the other members of long standing in this Steampunk community that I've only just joined, who wanted to warn me that one of the people who has joined the choir has had to be asked to leave meetings and events before because of inappropriate behaviour and comments to young, corseted, confident girls.

This concerns me because I am a mother to a young, corseted, confident girl who may very well come along with me to choir on occasion. Now, I'm not worried on a physical level - he's a very small person who strikes me as consistently trying just a *bit* too hard, and I know full well that Ellie would probably just (a) thump him and (b) tell him that she was gay and to f*ck off. But... hmmm.

I'm going to keep a very, *very* close eye on this, and require that he moves sections to between the tenors/baritones, so that he's surrounded by older men who are not going to tolerate any nonsense (this is a *lovely* group, I have no doubt that there are half a dozen people of both genders who would shut down any unnecessary behaviour from him with just a word from me).

Still, this is a first for me. Community choirs are usually overpoweringly female, and self-police on that front. This is different, so I'm holding back to see what happens. Interesting times...
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