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After a mixed couple of weeks, it has come to my attention that I am not able to do everything well.

I tidied my house last week, to Estate Agent levels - all surfaces clear and polished, laundry done and put away, beds made as soon as they are gotten out of, and everything generally in it's place. My sink is wonderfully shiny and unadulterated by dirty washing up. My kitchen worksurfaces are totally clear and have room for herds of Wildebeest to sweep majestically across them, should they get lost on their way back from the Serengeti. The house looks *wonderful*. I am able to sit down with a clear conscience and watch tv or read a book in the evening, content in the knowledge that everything has been done.

I have also done EFDSS work, done some music/gig preparation and promotion.

I cannot do both at the same time. If I want the house to look astonishingly wonderful, then I haven't got time to do the hours that I contract to EFDSS without getting stressed and working late into the night and enjoying neither the housework or the EFDSS and music work.

It isn't a case of simply finding a more efficient way of doing everything. If I want to continue to work two days a week at EFDSS and a day(or more) a week at my own music, then something has to give.

It is a depressing realisation, because I've always harboured the thought that if I could just find the magic way to be more efficient, then I'd be able to have it all. After all, I have a part-time job from home (the Holy Grail of employment for a mother)and some people *do* seem to have it all.

But my responsibilities are not likely to lessen up in the next few years - the music has taken another turn, and I have got some work coming in as a session vocalist. Tim's work with Pigeon English shows every sign of increasing *hugely* - they are starting to get some very prestigious festival bookings and the day-to-day ceilidh work is keeping them very busy.

So, it's time to face it. I'm not ever going to combine being Martha Stewart and Norma Waterson. It simply isn't going to happen.


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