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I love Ebay. To date, I've managed to stop myself buying things for the new house, on the assumption that things will come up again closer to when we actually *need* them. However, I couldn't resist this one - anyone who has ever looked at handmade kitchen units, check out the price. I'm about as sure as I can be that these kind of cabinets will never come up again at this kind of price.

According to Tim (Mr Kitchen Fitter extraordinaire) I could expect to buy *one* kitchen cabinet of rather boring design for this price. Two if I use his discount. Now I have Bonkers Kitchen!!! Whee! One of the compromises that we have to make for the new design is swapping the kitchen and living room around, and the kitchen will be a single height structure. To make the most of this enforced compromise, we will be vaulting the kitchen ceiling, giving us an extra high feature wall in the kitchen; where this little lot should fit nicely. Tim is already making noises about "a nice bit of granite" for the worktop, and either fitting a belfast sink, or making the sink unit a window seat with the huge arch over the window.

Due to Tim and Nev's restoration experience (they've been offered a half-time job at a Stately Home doing *just* conservation repair work) they are fairly sure they can either match these cupboards to give me an entire kitchen to this design, or mix and match something to look *wonderful*.

I've never been this excited about kitchen cupboards before!!!

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