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This is kind of following on from yesterday's post which *wasn't* me putting on a pity party and asking for sympathy (although it's always nice to have people saying that they think you are doing a good job - thankyou all!).

It was more to do with the fact that I've requested a whole bundle of money and business books from the library (it was that Amazon wish-list thing I did!) and have been reading and mentally digesting everything therein. It's not that I think I'm doing a half-assed job (although I *did* forget a couple were booking into the cottage last night - it was a horrific hour of mad rushing around and the liturgic repeating of "I'm SO sorry!") on anything, but rather than it has been brought home to me something that my mother always told me (and I believe completely):

"You've got to work. Nobody is going to give you anything in this life."

Mum and Dad have worked damned hard all their lives and consequently have a very nice house, comfortable lifestyle, new car etc. etc. They have never been bequeathed anything (well, I believe my Nanna may have left a small three figure sum in her will - Mum was astonished that there was that much!), and ours is not a wealthy family. We're strictly working class, and very proud of it, thankyou.

My discontent may be stemming from the fact that I think I am falling back into my 'comfort zone' and expecting money to just happen. I've got my cottage advertising in place, so I'm not doing any extra advertising. We're not soliciting for higher paid building jobs because we're comfortable doing the small scale ones that are currently on the books. I'm not sure about doing the session vocal work, or pushing FFM too hard because of time conflicts.

This would be fine if we were happy in our small house with minimal outgoings. But we're not. We're building a house whilst keeping another two in a good state of repair and finance. We're aiming high, and I think I need to work harder to achieve that. The time to relax may well be in a year or two, but I don't think it is now, not unless we are prepared to give up on the dream of our self-built home.

So my question is this:

I am having to reorder priorities and identify what makes me productive. What makes *you* productive? What motivational tools work for you?

I'm not looking for the suggestion to sit down and have a nice cup of tea. Whilst it might be nice to do nothing for a while, I don't think that I'm a "do nothing" kind of person in the long run. I need to keep rolling at this speed, whilst altering my focus and multi-tasking more effectively. I long ago figured out that the surest way to make me miserable was for me not to have anything to work towards. I adore the feeling of having a goal and working towards it. Pulling in unison with my beloved husband towards something is even better.

So - business people and entrepreneurs: your motivational tools and opinions would be nice!

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