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December has been mad. The Christmas season for Piepowder is doing better than ever, and we've worked solidly throughout December, which is gratifying. We've had several days when we've done two or more gigs in a day - particularly Tim and Liam who have continued with their Ceilidh schedule alongside our Christmas commitments. I've certainly continued doing the dayjobs (which are both musical too, so the dayjob/nightjob distinction gets a bit blurry) so I'm not entirely with it either.

We're finally here at Christmas Eve, and I'll be rather relieved to see Christmas Day (and a day off) to be honest. Today features another two gigs, including a late one in a restaurant, finishing at 10.30pm. We'll clear off as soon as possible afterwards, and have promised the kids that they can stay up until we get home. There isn't an earthly chance of either of them sleeping before 11pm, so I don't feel too bad about it. What it does mean is that we shall be doing our usual Christmas night routine in full Victorian clothes, which seems a little over the top even for us...

Today I am planning on buying a few last vegetables, and making some Christmas crackers, and possibly doing some cupcakes for the children if I can squeeze time in there somehow. I shall drop large hints to the children that some living room tidying would be very much appreciated, and hope that Ellie's fascination with dusting is still intact..

Love to you all, wherever you might be and whatever face of the Divine you revere. I wish you all a peaceful day tomorrow.
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