Jul. 2nd, 2010

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 Just so as you know...

The charging jack fell out of the bottom of Tim's phone yesterday, and the battery died (we think the two things are linked).  So he is currently without his mobile.  Annoyingly enough, the cost to fix it is far more than just getting a new one (clue: the new one is free), and whilst I happily paid the extra for my new crockpot inner last month, any spare pennies can be better utilised elsewhere at the moment.

So he is being sent a new phone through - tragically not an iPhone, but something similar by a different company.  Until the new phone arrives (next week I expect) he has *my* mobile phone.  (I don't need it very often - he does).

If you need (and don't have, obviously) my mobile number to contact Tim, then let me know!
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 OK, slight ManorCon hiccup: due to the previous group extending their stay at the last minute, (and presumably them having more people than us!) our Thursday night option is not open now :-(

However, I have had confirmation that all is well with the Sunday, so that's good.

I know that some people have already paid for the Thursday, so I'll go through my records and issue refunds.  It's at this point that I'm *really* glad I did all this through the business account so it's nice and clear what belongs to who!

Sorry about this - it was always a possibility, but we'd really hoped that the previous group would pass on their option.  Seems like they are even more last minute than I am...

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